Frequently Asked Questions

Does the app run on both Apple and Android?

Yes, though it was initially released on iPhones and iPads with Android following shortly thereafter.

How do I create a wellness team?

Download the Wellness Teams app and then register. Once you're a registered user (which is free) you click on the "View My Wellness Teams" link within the app's "Home" area. That link takes you to a page where you'll see a "+" . Click on that and follow the steps. Once you've created a team YOU are the "Manager" of it. You can then invite in other members and approve those who ask to join your team.

How many individuals can be on a team?

As many as the Manager of the team decides. There is no artificial limit and up to 8 team members are free. For teams larger than 8 users a small per member per month charge of $2 is applied.

The short answer is so they have visibility of what's going on and so they can coordinate events like their own competitions. For example, a larger business of a few hundred employees or even many thousands might want to hold regular, monthly wellness competitions or challenges. Linking the teams together into "standings" makes the management of this incredibly easy. Moreover, by linking the teams together the company can download anonymized data on what people are doing. For instance, are they going to certain gyms (which they can provide coupons for), or participating in local events (where they might to co-sponsor), or are they on average doing more or fewer activities. This type of information can only be provided if the system knows what teams are associated with them.

Can an organization export data relative to their teams?

Yes, but in anonymized form. We do not share information on individuals (e.g. name and email address) unless specifically authorized by the individual to do so.

How do you start and who can run an "organizational" competition?

You contact us and we simply set up a profile for your organization and to which you can self-associate as many teams as you want. There is a modest, one-time set up charge for this.

More to come....

How do you start and who can run an "open" competition?

How much does it cost to run a competition?

How does an individual join a competition?

How is user privacy handled?